Mozart Sinfonie Weekend

Durante i primi due giorni di maggio 2014 Peter dirigerà The Angel Orchestra, da Islington in nord Londra, per una raccolta da fundi ernorme che forse nessuno ha mai fatto prima! Suoneranno le 41 sinfonie di Mozart - tantissime note per un weekend! Due anni fa ...


Mozart Symphonies Weekend

During the first two days of March 2014 Peter will conduct the Angel Orchestra, from Islington in north London, in a massive fundraising challenge which has quite possibly never been attempted before! We will be playing through all 41 of Mozart’s symphonies ...


A rare chance to hear double piano concertos

Arzu and Gamze Kirtil

In September Peter will be collaborating with the piano duo Arzu and Gamze Kirtil to play two double piano concertos ...

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