Mozart Symphonies Weekend

During the first two days of March 2014 Peter will conduct the Angel Orchestra, from Islington in north London, in a massive fundraising challenge which has quite possibly never been attempted before! We will be playing through all 41 of Mozart’s symphonies in St Silas Church - that’s a lot of notes for one weekend!

Two years ago the Angel Orchestra spent a day playing Beethoven’s symphonies 1-8, also a fundraising initiative. But that mammoth event is set to be eclipsed by the 2014 Mozart Weekend. Peter is champing at the bit: “I can’t wait! When we played the Beethoven symphonies it was not only a really fun day but it was fascinating to play them through in order and get a feel for how Beethoven’s music progressed during his life. I’m really looking forward to taking the orchestra on the same journey through Mozart’s music! But it will be a real physical and mental challenge … and I suspect there will be a good number of people who by the Sunday evening (groaning from all sorts of muscle pains) will want to know which idiot suggested doing this …!”

The Angel Orchestra will be augmenting its ranks to create a big orchestra for this big event. Many will play the whole weekend; some will just do a part. Audience is also most welcome, and people can just pop in for as long as they like. Entrance will be by voluntary donation.

Monies raised from the weekend will be split 50/50 between the Angel Orchestra and Music Fund. Music Fund does fantastic work supporting music schools and training musical instrument technicians across the world, often in areas of deprivation and conflict.

If you would like to play, or just for more information, please go to: