Symphony finished!

Peter has finished the writing of his new composition, a symphony, and is preparing the score and parts to be used in its first performance on 9 December.  The symphony, his first, is about 40 minutes long and consists of 4 contrasting movements.  What is it like?  Well if you're allergic to 'contemporary music' you will find plenty to enjoy in this symphony: it's not difficult to listen to, and contains material that clearlyt communicates emotions of various kinds.  Whilst that might make it sound 'old-hat', it contains elements which are not normally found in a classical symphony (there is a blues section, and a 'big band' section), plus elements derived from contemporary techniques such as minimalism - which are always used with the listener in mind!  

Hopefully you can make it to the concert, in London, on 9 December this year (2023).  Details and ticket purchase: 9 December concert (you can also get tickets 'on the door').