Mozart Opera Workshop: June 2014

Fernando Ciuffo and Irene Geninatti

14-16 June 2014. Peter is inviting to London a group from Italy to run a unique course on singing Mozart recitative, focussing on Don Giovanni.

Mozart wrote large amounts of recitative into his operas. Often these sections are severely curtailed, and sometimes they are even cut out altogether! Peter comments: "I quite understand why people sometimes mutilate a Mozart opera like this, sometimes it's to reduce the length of a very long opera, but as often as not it's because the singers don't know how to sing recitatives well. When I hear dull singing in recitative I just can't wait for them to get on to a decent aria! But when I heard these singers performing Don Giovanni in Italy it was the other way around: their recit was so good (interesting, funny, exciting, full of life) that I wanted to get the arias over to listen to them doing more recit! This course is a fantastic opportunity for singers in this country to learn from absolute masters of the trade."

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