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Peter's first CD, Speechless is a collection of his orchestral music.  None of the pieces have been recorded before.  The music is fresh and immediate, speaking clearly to the listener.  There are many sections of chamber-like clarity, layered sounds (à la Charles Ives), and mesmerising ostinati.  Sometimes there is just a whisper of sound but then a full-blooded climax is probably just around the corner!  Add to that the solos for cello, sax, and mezzo-soprano and this disc contains something for everyone!


"A project of skill and wit ...admirable line-up of musicians ... moves smoothly from sharp statements of powerful intent to balancing passages of sweetness." - The Musician, Autumn 2012.

"A new and special CD ... nicely varied. Fender has no truck with modernism; he writes music which he hopes is "accessible to both players and audience but which are also compositionally interesting", and this first CD of his orchestral works fully achieves that objective. The music is recorded to a high standard." - Peter Woolf, Musical Pointers


Here are some comments from people who have bought the CD:

"Lovely stuff, fantastically orchestrated." - EP

"Absolutely wonderful ... fantastic musical ideas ... wonderful atmosphere ... great orchestration ..." - JU

"A joy to listen to from begining to end .... we thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed it" - DR

"Multi-faceted and powerful" - RM

"A superb recording performed by a really lively orchestra and the music is amazing." - AG

"The album really is a revelation: original, beautiful and gorgeously played" - HF

"Such good quality, it would be great to see you gaining a wider profile!" - CL