New Haydn clarinet parts

Joseph Haydn

Haydn symphonies are not played that much. One of the reasons for that in the non-professional world is that most of them don't have clarinet parts. In an amateur orchestra you can't suddenly say to two of your members "sorry, but the main piece we're playing in the next concert doesn't involve you"! There are in fact only four symphonies that are the full size of a chamber orchestra (which is what many amateur orchestras are). 

Of Haydn's final great 12 symphonies (known as the 'London Symphonies') there are 5 which would be the complete chamber orchestra size if only they had clarinet parts - so Peter is adding clarinet parts to those symphonies (nos.93, 94, 96, 97 and 102).

No.93 has just been completed. Anyone interesting in getting hold of the parts for that symphony, or for any of the others, please go to the Compositions page and find Haydn to purchase parts - they are £5 each.