February conducting courses

February saw two conucting courses: one Foundational course (one-day course for beginners) and a weekend course working on opera arias and accompanied recitatives.  Both were well attended and hugely enjoyable!  On the weekend course we were joined by the South London Sinfonietta, and three soloists (Emma Dogliani, Norma Ritchie, Jon Openshaw).  Accompanied recitative is some of the hardest music to conduct - the conductor has to work out how to interact with the singer in a way that supports the text, and work out the complex technique associated with music which starts and stops all the time!  This was an exhausting weekend!  But I was imensely impressed by the dedication and hard work of all the participants. 

In April there is another Foundational course, and May sees another weekend (this time looking at string orchestra music), and September a course on Mahler's 4th symphony.  See the Courses page for more information.

The picture above is from the weekend course, the one below is from the Foundational course.