Beethoven Symphonies Weekend 28 Feb - 1 Mar 2015

The Angel Orchestra will be playing all the Beethoven symphonies over a weekend early next year in Islington, London. It's a fundraising event with the money going partly to the orchestra and partly to Music Fund (who support music schools and train music instrument technicians around the globe, often in areas of deprivation and conflict, see for more information).

On the Saturday we will play nos 1-6, and on the Sunday 7-9, ending with a performance of The Ninth. Audience will be invited for a modest price.

There will be a cost to play (or sing on Sunday only) of:

Whole weekend: £25 / £20 (concessions)
One day: £15 / £10 (concession)

People need to register with me in order to play or sing by contacting me via the Contact page.