Hippolyte et Aricie



We are singing in French.
We are singing at A = 415 (i.e. a semitone below modern pitch)


We are using this score: http://www.peterfender.co.uk/sites/default/files/page/Rameau_H_Et_A.pdf (don't use other scores please).
I will provide choral scores for everyone for the first rehearsal, but you are welcome to print and create your own score if you would like and if you do that PLEASE LET ME KNOW so I don't print an extra one for you!  If you want to print only the chorus pages I can supply you with a list.

Please note that alto parts are written an octave higher than sung.  Some alto parts go quite low and the tenors may be asked to help out.  Also the tenor part sometimes goes high and the altos may be asked to help out there!


Sat 7 May 2.30pm St Silas
Fri 13 May 7pm tbc
Fri 20 May 7pm tbc
Sun 29 May 2pm St Silas
Thu 2 June 7pm St Silas
Sun 12 June St Silas (times tbc)
Sat 18 June Performance 1 7pm (rehearsal time tbc)
Sun 19 June Performance 2 5pm (rehearsal time tbc)



Auditions for the two Linden Baroque Opera performances of Rameau's opera 'Hippolyte et Aricie' directed by Peter Fender will be held as follows:

Wed 2nd Dec 7-9pm / Thu 3rd Dec 7-9pm at 24 Francemary Road, Brockley, London SE4 1JS

[Stations in order of closeness: Ladywell / Crofton Park / Lewisham]

Audition info: -

  • If the auditions dates are impossible for you it may be possible to arrange an alternative time, although this cannot be guaranteed.  Please contact Peter Fender to enquire.
  • Please use A = 415 (i.e. a semitone below standard modern pitch).
  • The page numbers listed below refer to this score.

Performances info: -

  • These are principally concert performances. They may be a small nod towards semi-staging (let's call it demi-semi staged) but you do not need to be off-book
  • No money changes hands - i.e. we don't pay you and you don't pay us.
  • Dates for which you must be available:
    Performances: Sat & Sun 18 & 19 June 2016
    Rehearsals with orchestra: Sat & Sun 11 & 12 June 2016 (exact requirement tbc)
    Other dates will be worked out as necessary and around your availability.

To apply to audition please fill in the application form - there is no deadline.

If you have any questions either include them with the application form or contact Peter Fender directly.


Role Voice Excerpt(s) for audition
Hippolyte (Hippolytus) Tenor (haute-contre) p98: Scene 2 to bottom of page. / pp.102 (last note) - 103 end of scene 4 / pp130-1: "Ah! Faut-il" to end scene 1
Aricie (Aricia) Soprano pp171-175 / 179 (5.4) to end of 182
Phèdre (Phaedra) Mezzo 1.14: pp34-35 / 1.18: pp.45-46
Thésée (Theseus) Bass pp 54-55 (recit first then aria) / 80-2
Pluton (Pluto) Baritone 2.5: pp 57-59 / 54 recit "Si tes" - "Supplice"
Diane (Diana) Soprano 5.5: pp184-5 / 1.17: pp.44-45
Œnone, Phèdre's confidante Soprano p103
Mercure (Mercury) Tenor (haute-contre) 2.13: pp 85-86
Tisiphone Tenor 2.2: pp49-50 (inc. recit half way down p.50)
La Grande-Prêtresse, High Priestess Soprano 1.10: pp26-27 / pp.36-39
Parques, three Fates Bass / Tenor / Tenor (haute-contre) p79 / 88-91